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Submissions for the collaborative album organised by artists Jacob Carter, Calum English and Oliver Dupont are now closed and production is underway. The team has been busy editing together some exciting new tracks. We have received a compelling range of sounds sent in, from recordings of storms and birdsong to improvised saxophone solos. The project will culminate into a short album comprised of songs created solely from recordings of people during lockdown. We are very excited to finally show you the album which will be released soon.



This project is run and organised by sound artists Jacob Carter, Oliver Dupont and Calum English. The three artists enjoy creating interactive, multisensory artworks that include elements of rhythm, sound, patterns and background noise.


Combining their creative practices, this project is aimed to be a collaborative expression of the struggles, high and lows of the constant national lockdowns, exploring how sound can be used to present these themes and concepts. 

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