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Major Project: Bruno Ollé

'His artistic practice explores individual memory through archives, found objects, diaries, drawings and video recordings. Working with painting, video, text, sculpture or installation, he is interested in investigating the relocation of objects and collects experiences from his environment. Their processes are open in time and do not have a beginning and an end.'

  • works connection with space/locations/environments

  • very process driven works - exploring and breaking materials but with an approach similar to painting

  • works with the readymade - how objects can be relocated

  • He is interested in the provenance of materials - how he can transform them

  • Processes can be seen as damaging and reductive - such as melting foam board with spray paint leaving very organic edges.

  • It is very action and process driven - actions such as cutting, painting, reassembling, recycling - fragmenting

Interview with artist:

You work with different materials ranging from painting through to video and text to sculpture and found objects. What are the pros and cons of the multidisciplinary nature of your work?
I'd say the "pro" of working with different materials is that I’m less likely to be bored, because there’s so much to discover. The "con" might be to get easily exhausted when some decisions end up not working out, or the fear that nothing will come of it beforehand. When you work from scratch, the chances of achieving what you have in mind are very low, and the worst thing that can happen is being exhausted before you start. There is nothing more tedious than mastering something and doing it repetitively, so I have the need to try new things. For me the interest lies in trying to achieve the impossible. Once it is possible it is boring and ruinous. I have never considered painting as different from sculpture or installation. Looking, painting, building, composing, are all part of the same thing. I am much more attracted to the idea of trying. and the curiosity that comes from it. Rather than obsessing over mastering a certain technique to its perfection.


Groc Projects

19.05.22 — 12.06.22

2022 Badalona

Under the Skin Alzueta Gallery 16.12.21 — 20.01.22

2021 Barcelona

Under the Skin Alzueta Gallery 16.12.21 — 20.01.22



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