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Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things

Contrast between work that is about specific contexts and work which is about materiality.

E.g. a play with materials, pushing materials to their limits, combining similar, different or contrasting materials together.

Explores the bodies connection to different materials - how can my own work explore this sense of materiality.

“vital materiality” that runs through and across bodies, both human and nonhuman.

My work is a constant process of discovering and understanding the vital nature of the materiality of objects and specific materials.

It can be seen that everything contains a specific materiality - from sound, imagery, text to physical objects, especially pliable materials.

Materiality of concrete:

My current work is very engaged with exploiting the material properties of concrete

  • heavy

  • hard

  • course

  • pliable

  • both liquid and solid (changing status)

  • link with brutalism - urban environments

  • historically loaded material - used as tool - technology for construction - ancient Roman invention

  • ability to mould into surface - take on different textures - can mirror different materials - sense of illusion

  • encasing objects inside

  • can be grinded - sanded - removing layers of materials

  • can be combined - various other objects cast inside

  • can be pigmented

  • its structural properties can be changed when paired with different materials - e.g. adding an aggregate - different sizes of stones/sand/mortar which all effect its weight and structure and density. It can also be mixed with other casting materials such as plaster - changes the weight - effects the setting time and workability - also effects the colour

  • the surface can be changed - polished - stained

materiality - defined as 'the quality or character of being material or composed of matter.' as well as 'the quality of being relevant or significant.'

  • Materiality as value - connection between material and worth -

  • Materiality and aesthetic as interconnected

'the immaterial is not easily separated from the material. Humans are defined, to an extraordinary degree, by their expressions of immaterial ideals through material forms.'

There is a clear relationship between human interaction and materiality.

I can consider how myself as a practitioner can interact with materiality.


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