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'Can sound art be considered a queer art practice?' is a queer academic essay that uses examples of artwork and critical theory to discuss how the two are intermittently linked. The interactive game will question what a academic text can be considered as well as creating a non linear, queer essay. The game includes sound, video and links to online articles. To play the game simply click on one of the highlighted texts at the bottom of the page to get to the next page. (3).gif (3).gif (3).gif
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Research Document 1 is an interactive research game that showcases my recent progress on projects. It includes text, images, sound and video with links to external websites to demonstrate the range of research and inspiration I have gathered from other artists. This first journal explores my initial ideas and establishing a footing into my project.

Research Document 2 is the second part in a series of interactive game-books that allow the viewer to explore the development of my artistic practice. In this game you can see my most recent artist influences and how my project begins to progress into the direction of performance art. (3).gif (3).gif (3).gif
Reasearch Document 3 poster for website.

Research Document 3 is the final part in a series of interactive game-books that allow the viewer to explore my developing art practice over a virtual platform. In this sci-fi/horror game you can see how my project has changed due to the Corona virus pandemic and see through video and text how my work has evolved.

Hwo to make a tape loop Poster.jpg

How to make a tape loop is a workshop hosted on twine showing each step of creating your own tape loop. This has been organised to research my dissertation 'Participatory Sound Making: exploring virtual spaces and the performance of sound'.  This will explore how online spaces can be used to build a participatory art practice and engage with a community that can collectively make sound. Feel free to join the workshop!

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Escape from Cyber is an interactive game that collates a research project into a sci-fi themed epic. The aim of this research project is to create an artist community, producing a body of sound work that resists the capitalist forms of art making to be something that is more contemporary. Within this game you will aim to disrupt the capitalist system of Cyber and see if you can survive the silence!