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Welcome to the new earth

Noon Chorus

Performance excerpt, 4.39 min


From 3-11 Dec 2021, Black Hole Club invited visitors to The New Earth for a programme of events that have evolved through experiment, process and conversation. Over four days our work responded to a cycle of terrestrial events: from arrival, exploration, trading to rewilding. Each day is a response to a new and unknown environment, the terrain shifts through an exploration of breath, requests for care, detoxing, dreaming, relocation, accommodation, rituals, broadcasts, radio plays, monuments, greyhounds, firebrats, sound, readings and mycelium networks.

Works from The New Earth are by:


Adwoa Owusu-Barnieh, Alis Oldfield, De’Anne Crooks, Eleanor Morgan, Emily Scarrott, Jacob Carter, Joseph Winsborrow, Kühle Wampe, Larissa Shaw, Leanne O’Connor, Post Workers Theatre, Roo Dhissou, Rosa Postlethwaite, Sharon Sutton and Sophie Huckfield.


Noon Chorus

Performance still


Threshold (4 of 15).jpg

A line which marks the limits of an area (detail)

Black vinyl


Threshold (8 of 15).jpg
Threshold (1 of 15).jpg
Threshold (10 of 15).jpg

Photo Credits: Marcin CZ and Cathy Wade

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