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AP1: Guest Lecturer - Mhairi Vari

I seem to be a verb - Buckminster Fuller – book – collective activity and thinking

Sound work – sculptural element of sound – gather found sound within world – moving with sound

Natural fade ins and outs

Universal Crepitation – collaborative practice – bringing different voices and experiences together

Crepitation – friction that allows new sounds to develop

Space of exhibition – education gallery – Greenwich University

Creating a landscape inside the gallery space

Work exists in specific context – changes form when situated in different places

Found materials – encountered materials – not specific art materials

Seductive quality of stones, attach them to frame so they are not static or flat – create then into nodes – cogs and processes – working in state of flux

Printed test that was transferred onto stones – contains fragments of message

Fragmenting a conversation – returning stones back to the beach – disseminating messages into world

Seepage – audience was encouraged to pick up stones – active component

Using defunct equipment – using them in a new context – things always evolving

Uses equipment as part of work and visual language of work

Hollow Objects – project

Oldest building in Hackney – project during residency – journeying through object – exploring the architecture – creatin sound installations

Covered floor in granulated cork – used rotten hollow wood trunk – different states of materiality – existing in state of flux

Converting objects into a speaker

Using audio exciters – create a sound vibration – transform into audio emitting object

Using recycled objects attached to surface – exploring location – make object out of focus – blur boundary of objectness – relates to ecologies and the planet

Creating different acoustic objects – using old fabrics – jeans/pillows wrapped in cling film – exploring environmentally damaging materials – suffocation of wrapping objects

Sub service scattering

Organismic looking shapes and forms

Using materials that are not meant to be physical and seen – explore generative processes

Work in harmony with existing spaces

Perpetual Doubt

Resting state of brain network – networks in brain that activate when not entirely concentrating – repetitive process of making – not applying critical thinking

Plying with simple materials – fluidity of materials way of visualising data processing

Aftermath of something that has occurred

Using eBay as a place to buy cheap bulk materials – using aluminium armature wire to create organic forms

Interesting organic forms - floating - gravity defying - weightless looking objects.

Can allow me to question my own use of materials within my practice - can I incorporate different materials - what do I consider art materials - is there such a thing as an appropriate material for making art? - no


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