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AP1: Susan Collis - Ikon gallery exhibition

Susan Collis is a sculpture based artists who's work is very minimal and playful with exploring materiality - allowing her works to question the viewers perception of materials and how we assign value to materials.

The exhibition includes an installation as part of Carlo Crivelli's Shadows on the Sky which creates an interesting dialogue between the visual trickery in both her work and that of Crivelli's paintings.

Her work is able to elevate the mundane - objects seen as insignificant, with some works appearing like holes in the walls which are easily missed in the gallery. She combines everyday objects with precious materials such as gemstones to challenge viewers perception. This is something I enjoy doing within my own work, being able to challenge viewers and cause them to question the authenticity of work, its function or its materials.

As an exhibition it is interesting to see how the works are displayed in a very minimal way, perceivably with little effort - works cast on the floor to further indicate the throwaway nature.


Some hanging, some cast aside on the floor - some propped against the wall

these actions all give the objects a level of action - like they are being enacted on - frozen in stasis.

I am interested in my own work to explore the status and agency of objects so it would be helpful to consider how the display and spatial quality of the works can portray these ideas.

One of my favourite subtle pieces from the exhibition were a series of solid gold screws embedded in the wall.

creates a value within the art object due the the literal economic value of the material

employs a 'trompe l'oeil' process which deceived the eye of the viewer and causes a double take and revisit of the works to further question the materiality.

My own work may operate in a similar way of misdirection or trompe l'oeil as many of the sculptures appear like they could be found objects - questioning the authorship of the works - this is a concept I can definitely push further within my work.


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