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AP1: Wysing arts centre - and then, a harrowing

Linda Stupart

and then, a harrowing brings together work by three of Wysing’s 2020 residents, Linda Stupart, Carl Gent and Kelechi Anucha.

It was an interesting change of environments to visit a gallery in the country side - change from city based galleries - it fit well with the natural materials and themes within Linda's work.

A harrow breaks up the surface of the earth or the skin, an agitation of soil that has been left dormant too long where the harrow can excavate whatever ghosts, traditions, memories, viruses, melodies and gestures have been buried. The gallery reverts to barn; the barn disintegrates back to soil.

Linda's work in the gallery combines a variety of materials, processes and art forms - verging on a sculptural practice incorporating installation and video work. This gave a contrast with the natural and technological. It was also a very multisensory experience, large speakers in the corners of the barn created a sonic hum - blend of folk songs and field recordings, as well as the scent of the artworks - hand died fabrics using vegetable die, natural materials like hay and soil embedded into the ground.

The entire floor had been raised and mixed, creating an interesting fracture where areas were left open - some elements like the TVs or plinths were set into the cut outs - playing with background, foreground, levels and textures.

I was fascinated by the large amount of different materials used - from digital print, hanging fabrics and fragments of polystyrene - however it all felt cohesive which is down to the similar colour palette and textures - all having a very natural feel.

All of the walls of the barn were also covered in chaotic and layered died fabrics, with projections adding a moving layer on top. This massively transformed the space, allowing it to be as if it was an entirely new environment. - This is very inspiring for my own work - how might I consider the display of my work and the actual setting for the work - is it a white cube or do I connect the space to the artwork ....


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