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AP2: Gallery visit - Henry Moore Foundation

Public sculptures - site specific - changing texture - patination as result of the environment

Private studios - collections - how the artist would collect objects to use as reference

  • Interesting to see the use of bases and plinths - possibly needed for insurance purposes but it still provides a ground for the works to exist on.

  • It was useful to learn about his process - where he could construct many small scale maquettes to test different forms, and shapes before committing to larger pieces. I do work in a similar way where I create smaller scale test sculptures before going into a larger more ambitious scale. it was also interesting to see how he would use polystyrene to sculpt out of, to quickly and cheaply create large scale sculptural forms.

Henry Moore's studio

  • Influence of collections and archiving - making maquettes inspired from found objects. Taking found objects like flint and stone and added parts to them using clay.

  • Very chaotic and messy studio whilst also being quite ordered. The shelving lends itself to quite a museological format of display. Treating objects as artefacts.


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