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AP2: Joppe Venema - Retain, Restrain, Refrain

Retain, Restrain, Refrain, 2021

  • useful reference for the Reworlding exhibition when considering how to create an exhibition that is immersice - causes the viewer to be an active participant

  • It is a clever use of projection as well which serves as both a visual image, a backdrop and as a light source, casting a red glow into the installation

  • There is an interesting exploration of materiality as well, considering the texture of materials, and combining them together

  • Covering the whole gallery floor in sand is also an instant way of transforming the space - goes against the typical white cube - makes it site specific in a way.

Ancient Corpses, 2021, heat lamp, air humidifier, wax, bone-black pigment, wood, glass, 60 x 50cm


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