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AP2: Materiality - documents of contemporary art

'I welcome this new book about materiality. It explores questions of embodiment in our age of virtuality, and that is no small matter.'

-Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, international curator and art historian

This anthology investigates materiality in art that attempts to expand notions of time, space, process or participation. It looks at materials that obstruct, disrupt or interfere with social norms, surfacing as impure formations and messy, unstable substances. It re-examines the notion of 'dematerialization'; addresses materialist critiques of artistic production; surveys the relationship between materiality and bodies; explores the vitality of substances, and the concepts of intermateriality and transmateriality that have emerged in the hybrid zones of digital experimentation.

  • useful resource in defining what materiality is but also exploring the different ways in which artists explore materiality through concept, processes and material use.

  • this was also a very useful book to use as a reference when planning the mutant materialities exhibition with curator Rafailia. This was also used in the exhibition sat on a shelf alongside other resources and sketchbooks and materials from the artists processes.

Delueze and Guattari

A Thousand Plateoux p.38

'So how are we to define this matter-movement, this matter-energy, this matter-flow, this matter in variation that enters assemblages and leaves them'

art that is produced 'from processes of deformation and transformation' and that function in 'the manner of variable affects resistance, hardness, weight, colour)'

I connect this very closely with my practice, this idea of a process of transformation is central to how I work - enjoying the process of transforming on material or object into another. As well as this I am similarly engaged with identifying and possible exploring the material qualities in my sculptures, such as in a scientific way exploring the resistance of some materials like silicone.


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