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AP2: Michelle Chang Qin

Swamp Hut


  • Interest in installation art

  • use of natural materials - links to nature - appears organic - could have timely quality and be multi sensory - such as the small of materials

Fishermen's Song


concrete, oyster shell, plastic clamshell, pool broom parts, moldable plastic

  • Interesting use of concrete as a support material - used as a sculptural platform to hold different obects

  • Way of using 1 similar objects duplicated to form compositions

  • Appears both natural and unnatural - suggests at a possible site - or purpose - seems spiritual

Prosthetic Memory


turbine exterior, foam stamen, metal rod, plastic peanut, nylon rope, styrofoam, sand

  • I enjoy the combination of materials - how natural objects are combined with technology - creates a very jarring effect and links to my own works interest in creating sculptural juxtapositions

  • There is also a playful way in which materials are not what they seem and are instead fabricated - I also enjoy this process of causing the viewer to question the authenticity of the object



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