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AP2: Publication lecture

Exhibition and Experimental Publication

Produce a presentation

Way of disseminating your work – type of exhibition

Platform to showcase existing work – displaying what you do

· Integrate form and content

· Incorporate professional practice

· Express ideas through making

· Strategies of self-representation

· Interviews, conversations, manifestos, artist statements, abstracts

Unfolding, pop up book, different types of paper – non uniform – particular design

Hologram – etched onto pavement, billboards, guides and maps, flyers, series of things, collections of posters – catalogues, signs, digital display, screen-based text, on a monitor, series of invitations to events e.g. BANK – using invitations as publications, books, journals and diaries. Postcards sets e.g. Art and Language

· Concept giving

· Showing artwork

· Conceptual perspective on the world – reflect on ideals – others position on your work

· Interviews, essays, narrating and siting work in wider context

· Recording embellishing, collaborating, visual or textual story telling

· Cataloguing or selling for commercial gallery

· Way to make you visible

· Portability – calling card – outward facing

· Index/contents

· What, when, where, why?

· Lists of artist in alphabetical order

· Artworks listed as caption with name, title, date

· Books works

· Printed Matter

· Loose Joints

· The Everyday Press

· Tate Publishing

· Rope Press Birmingham

· Fraser Muggeridge studio

· Camden Arts Centre

Zines: self-published, as its happening, resource to explore attitudes at the time – archival piece.

Photocopied, collaged, paper, one offs. Application – communicate new ideas

Punk era – anti-establishment – anarchy – self publishing

Studio Yukiko – design studio

Happy Hypocrite: Maria Fusco

Experimental art writing – setting set of rules – create series of publications

Wolfgang Tillmans: On the verge of visibility – publication accompanies the exhibition

Ruth Ewan: - uses archives on overlooked histories – free publications that can be downloaded as a PDF

Jeremy Deller – social engaged practitioner

Creating publication in response to the work he has made

Ed Ruscha’s Photography Books

Capture US culture


Including your own manifesto into your thinking or content of publication

Political form – modern era – form changes – revolution, political systems – used for shock effect

Statements or bullet points – clearly define an ideology for successful distribution – to publics – share ideas and ideologies

Tristan Tzara – how to make a Dadaist poem. Always right, strong, vigorous

and logical – a cure

Cauleen Smith – Covid manifesto – projected onto screen – complication of small statements

Manifesto turns into moving images – video capturing process of writing

Role of manifesto

· Inspire

· Inform

· Offend

· Educate

· Guide

· Erntertain

· Undermine

· Written

· Sculpted

· Performed

· Acted – filmed

Julian Rosefeldt – collected range of manifestos – both historical and individual – idea of collectivity

Film work and installation – to manifesto Is to perform

Help define interests and cement ideas – provide structure and guide for practice – mechanics of practice – what underpins your practice – what motivates you? What annoys, frustrates or intrigues you? Activate your context – how does your ideas connect to borader contextual issues

Dieter Rams – 10 principles of good design – value system – can translate into shapes and objects

Series of principles that are timeless

Ukeles – care manifesto – feminist beliefs – engaging with galleries through site specific interventions

20 additivist manifestos –

Ideas: 3d printed found object such as found concrete – remade in different materials e.g. resin, bronze, silver, concrete, plaster – all held on metal stands – placed onto a stand – shelf

Algorythm – way in which economies operate – predictable

Isms – manifesto generator

Metahaven sprawl space – collective

Pawel Sysiak – what really matters – using graphic language to portray ideas

Bob and Roberta smith – all schools should be art schools – pseudonym – activist position

Grayson Perry, red alan manifesto

The Stuckist Manifesto

Excessivism Manifesto – pull together commonality between different artists in exhibition

Shared beliefs and ideas

Andrew Dadson – leaner – canvases

Superflat manifesto – Takashi Murakami

Marina Abramovich – an artists life – spoken – performative – contention – truly real

Lecture 3 Publications

issue of legacy – mark made by humans – mark-making – art as legacy

looking back at publication as reflection of where you are – personal record

book as an object to gift – e.g. a small a6 portfolio book – list of works and information

artist websites – seen as curatorial perspective – how websites change over time – PDF download – mini booklet of artists work – downloaded by anybody – form of distribution – reflection on development e.g. Jacob Carter 2020-2022 selected works – could be A6 with sets of artwork and text – could have pages to notate on – could include a ‘property of ….. if lost please return to’ section . could be ring bound so as to cut out pages or make own artwork or random objects with artwork such as a mug with a manifesto on it or a tea towel – chopping board. Packet of sweets – very kitsch

Make sure it functions in the way you want it to – getting yourself noticed – email someone a PDF – sit down for a coffee with someone you want to talk to about your art

Dieter Roth 1971 – Eight Books – collected works – how is art distributable – influenced by Dadaists

Sequence of production – systematic conceptual production of book – collected printed materials – found stuff that would be produced as publications – artists having recipes – Little Tentative recipe – 1968 – handmade books

Recognition of preciousness of materials – very sincere in way he collects objects – disruption of coherence of work and image and information – deconstructing the coherence of something – provides a reason for someone to physically engage

Copley Buch – collection of notes and doodles around the production of a publication – e.g. instructions for printing books

Included a bibliography – different material components – collections that do different things. Conceptual artists – poems of everyday life and also how work is produced

Using a box and having a collection of material – how people physically engage in work – allowing viewer to become the maker – sense of play – curation of books

Tavares Strachan

Multiplicities of information. Idea of an encyclopaedia – form of information – A-Z about specific history or subject – content fixed in time – no new knowledge

Encyclopaedia Britannica – who produces history and knowledge.

Made his own encyclopaedia – created own history – covers broad range of entries

Overlay graphics – word puzzles – resource book

Rosemarie Trockel: Book Drafts

Based around design and sketches – used as form to overcome procrastination

Books as proposals for content yet to be made – potential of something that could be

Ibrahim El-Salahi – prison notebook

Describes architecture of space in which the artist found himself in – routines and practices

More diaristic and sketchbook like

Jonathan Monk The project book project

Collection of photocopies of objects and images that are an influence on his own work – idea of appropriation – reference book of his contextual interests – influential book – pulled out aspects of his practice

Lucas Somaras

Dadaist – critique of the on institution – operating in legacy of Dadaism

Giorgio Vasari – first art historian – design book – structural framing devices

Student examples

Georgia – used as a resource book for an installation

Fae – ended in producing another publication

Project book – understanding where the work will be used – rich content

Socially engaged book – getting feedback or involvement with groups of people

Story telling – individual making – can be documentation of artworks and personal writings

Use of workshops – use this as a stepping stone to research in practice

Finding your passion

Leah Woolford – Birmingham in Yellow

Collection of photos of yellow objects – obsession

Idea: image of fragments – print on demand – thinking of book in 3 dimensions

Connection between image and colour – other pieces of information that become invisible

Data collection – artists obsessed with colour

Publication can be politically motivated – about a personal interest – an obsession with something – a behind the scenes influences – an art book – seduction through colour – depiction of every day life – combing of colour and mathematics

Initial Ideas


Using in design to create book

spent a considerable amount of time documenting professional images of my artworks and collating these together

  • Testing the layout of images - where they sit on the page and their sizing

  • Font design and colour - interested in using brown font so that it is more accessible

  • Testing out size of borders and space between images

  • Testing out the formatting of text - where is it aligned to - testing the line spacing and spacing between characters. Also test if text is in a role or displayed in columns


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