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AP2: Ryan Christopher

Ryan Christopher (b.1998) is an Amsterdam-based artist working through painting, sculpture and moving image to consider relations, and elliptical narratives.
Within his practice, he is interested in amalgamation and repetition; both as formal devices, and structures for thought with potential plasticity.
With an ongoing engagement with the human condition, his work draws connections between theological anthropology, Christian existentialism, and postcolonial theory whilst thinking through poetics.
Recent works, involving cropped, found images of baptisms employ the act as a structure for thought based on gesture and repetition - a meeting place for existential dichotomies, and fragmented narratives.

Either/or, 2022, Tupperware, Aquatic Soil, Water, Ice pack, 21.3 x 14.5 x 8 cm

  • Very minimal - combination of obscure materials and liquids - all just everyday objects

  • possibly exploring the dematerialisation of the art object

  • More importance is given on the context compared to the actual process or sculpture created

7 dances (series), 2022, found tin foil

  • Interested to see the use of found objects, they still appear very sculptural and ephemeral

  • There is an active decision to let the work exist solely on the floor without any other kind of device or plinth. it allows the work to breath and exist more in the whole space

From left to right:

Faux sheep skin blanket, 2020

Baptism 4, 2022, Oil on chopping board, image transfer, 24.5 x 14.9 cm

bei Augustin, 2021, Seed Propagator cover, print on paper, 22.9 x 26.6 x 41.1 cm

Disciples, 2020, Printed Fabric on Plaster Mould, Rabbit Skin Glue, Paint, 39.5 x 22 x 31 cm

Interesting things:

  • Play with materials

  • Floor based installations - builds dialogue with other works and space around them

  • Appropriation of online imagery

  • Use of found objects and ephemera

  • Simple forms and objects and materials


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