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AP2: The Art-Architecture Complex

Hal Foster, author of the acclaimed Design and Crime, argues that a fusion of architecture and art is a defining feature of contemporary culture. While architects such as Zaha Hadid and Herzog and de Meuron draw on art to reanimate design, architecture has inspired fundamental transformations in painting, sculpture and film, which are also explored here. The book includes an extensive conversation with Richard Serra. At the same time Foster points to a 'global style' of architecture, as practiced by Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, that is analogous to the 'international style' of Le Corbusier, Gropius and Mies - a global style that, more than any art, conveys the look of modernity today, both its dreams and its delusions. In these ways Foster demonstrates that 'the art-architecture complex' is a key indicator of broader social and economic trajectories and in urgent need of analysis and debate.

  • This is a very useful reference for understanding how architecture can be used as an inspiration for artists, as well as the interconnection between the two practices of artist and architect.

  • It also displays a great amount of interesting installation and sculptural projects that connect to my own work

  • It also lists a range of global styles that have influenced architecture such as pop civics, crystal palaces and light modernity.

  • Book is also a useful visual reference for brutalist and post modernist architecture - whose material use and geometric forms are of inspiration for my own sculptural work


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