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AP2: The Mead Gallery - Prophecy

Bringing together the work of contemporary artists who use stories and histories to present shared experiences.
In the historic novel Middlemarch, Nuneaton-born author Eliot described a wave of change in a Midlands town through themes still familiar to us 150 years after the novel was published: the coming of outsiders with different ideas; the fear of a potentially fatal epidemic; and proposals for a new political system that would ensure more people had a voice.
Co-curated by Coventry artist Laura Nyahuye, Prophecy presents artworks that explore similar themes to those present in Middlemarch; including survival, history, and migration to consider how individual experiences can bring people closer together. The exhibition is imagined as a conversation that unfolds and develops within Warwick Arts Centre's Mead Gallery.
Nyahuye invites visitors, local groups and communities to contribute their voices to the exhibition, by creating pieces or leaving comments that respond to, sit alongside, and complement the works on display - constantly changing the exhibition over its seven-week duration (Mead, 2022).

  • Dramatic use of lighting - enables the work to have a second life - exists as both the sculpture as well as the shadow

  • The exposed wires are also a very deliberate choice. I like how they are not trying to hide them, and instead embrace the messy and chaotic nature of coiling wires.

  • This is a very useful reference for considering sculptures as part of an installation - possible ways in which I can curate and display them - how connections can be made between objects.

  • There is quite a playful and random combination of materials - pays with ideas of balance and the static but slowly moving stasis of these objects


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