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AP2: The Object - documents of contemporary art

This exciting collection is a pleasure to read from beginning to end...This is a welcome introduction to, and provocative rethinking of the object, in all its many formal and theoretical formations. - Jo Applin, author of Eccentric Objects: Rethinking Sculpture in 1960s America (2012).

The object-type work is not based, as has been supposed, on a particular, limiting, geometric morphology or a particular, desirable set of materials Lumps are potentially as viable as cubes, rags as acceptable as stainless steel rods.

Robert Morris, Statement, Minimal Art (Haags Gemeentemuseum), 1968

Alfred Gell

The Art Object//1998

"either art objects are sign-vehicles, conveying 'meaning', or they are objects made in order to provoke a culturally endorsed aesthetic response, or both of these simultaneously." (Gell, 1998, p.149)

  • This is useful to consider when producing and looking back on my own artworks - what is it that I am producing.

  • I feel that all the sculptural pieces I make incorporate signs - visual information that convey a type of meaning - and this meaning is furthered by the titling - giving something metaphorical or poetic


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