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AP2: The Reel Store exhibition visit


The first major exhibition is Machine Memoirs: Space, by internationally acclaimed artist Refik Anadol. The product of a long-term collaboration with NASA, this exhibition uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reimagine two million publicly available images of space taken by NASA satellites and telescopes, and the International Space Station, capturing the deepest regions of outer space. Through machine learning, the computer sorts and categorizes these photographs ultimately developing an understanding of them. Then, it creates stunning new digital interpretations of space that exist only in the mind of the machine.
This truly is for everyone. Expect a 360-degree experience, suitable for the whole family, with an awe-inspiring display that captures the beauty and spectacle of space in waves of colour and light, created entirely through AI.
Refik Anadol is a pioneer in the aesthetics of data and machine intelligence. His work intersects at the crossroads of art, science, and technology. He uses cutting-edge technology and big data advancements to creatively speak to the most pressing challenges of our time, and what it means to be a human in the age of machines.

Leading art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast will present a five-screen, real-time interactive installation, The Tides Within Us, as part of the launch programme for The Reel Store.
Part of Marshmallow Laser Feast’s ongoing exploration into the world beyond the limits of our senses, The Tides Within Us is an immersive artwork, which investigates the flow of oxygen through the cardiovascular system, painting a picture of a human body as a fluid event, more like a whirlpool than a static object. This flow questions the boundary of where this living body begins and where it ends, dissolving any sense of separation and connecting us through breath to the rhythms that underpin life on earth.

  • Interesting connection between science and art

  • could be a little gimmicky and following a recent trend for immersion projection art


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