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Major Project: Eva Rothchild

Eva Rothschild has achieved international acclaim for her practice which involves both conceptual and socio-political ideas alongside traditional approaches to making sculpture.
For more than ten years Rothschild has investigated concepts of form and materiality in sculptural works that use leather, wood, Perspex and, occasionally, surprising objects such as incense sticks and used tyres. Such materials often appear to transcend their physical limitations, hovering between representation, symbolism and actual form. By deliberately destabilising physical and visual characteristics in her work, Rothschild not only questions the aesthetics of art, in particular minimalism, but also those of belief in social liberation and spiritual movements.

  • Works make use of both wall based and 3D pieces that can be exhibited on plinths or floor based - this shows how versatile the curation can be - allowing groups of works to form installations.

  • It could be useful to consider how my own work could form installation when bringing multiple pieces together - this can change the narrative of the work - if works are no longer just wall based but connected in more of a continuous narrative.

  • Her work bridges drawing and sculpture - with very organic as well as geometric forms - this is a good reference for how I approach my own drawing and seeing how these can be transferred into sculpture.



resin plaster, stainless steel, gesso

213 x 81 x 84 cm

  • Use of pastel colour schemes allow the pieces to become very gentle, almost childish. Objects can almost look edible due to the colouring - or appearing very soft when they are using strong, hard materials.



lacquered and glazed ceramic with steel, jesmonite plinth

168 x 44 x 32 cm



wax resist, dyed waxed calico

225 x 160 x 2.5 cm



spray painted aluminium

350 x 370 x 340 cm

  • good as a reference for the public arts project



concrete, steel, synthetic polymer paint

600 x 300 x 165 cm

more installation based - floor based sculptures that create an environment



concrete, steel, synthetic polymer paint

163.5 x 625.5 x 30.0 cm

interesting to see the difference of the piece being in public outdoor space and when sat in a white cube gallery setting - work appears harsher in the gallery - somehow softer outdoors - how the incorporation of green spaces and nature can soften the sculpture. It also looks more civic - as if it has some kind of function - whether as a play thing, a stand, seating etc.

Bold Europa


jesmonite, fibreglass

300 x 170 x 3 cm

the colour adds more of a childish playful sense

the shape relates more to architectural supports - appears part of a building

also appears to be part of a series of works - but with different colours - shows the importance of how colour can change the reception of the artwork

Glimpse II


Jezmonite, fibre glass, steel, spray paint

42 x 26.5 x 3 cm

more painterly sculpture - this is also furthered by it being wall based but also the inclusion of spray paint (this also links to more urban aesthetics.



jesmonite, resin, spray paint

360 x 205 x 130 cm



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