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Major Project: Interim presentation

Exhibition install

Motor piece.

Combining references to brutalism and post modernism with use of concrete, clean lines and geometric forms, like two imposing obelisks.

The use of electronics disrupts this and adds an element of movement.

Acts as an experiment on material, the motor almost testing the surface of the concrete, e.g. testing its structural integrity or its sonic resonance


Disrupts the surface of the cast. Gives a stark contract to the flat and cold surface of the front.

The sides are coated in flocking, gives an otherworldly appearance, looks both natural and unnatural

References to soft brutalism, which is a 21st century, contemporary revaluation of the brutalist movement, considering ways in which the imposing structures and aesthetics can be softened through the inclusion of softer features, and often plant life.

Biophilic architecture as reference


The biophilia hypothesis claims that humans have an innate affinity towards nature and that their connection is beneficial.

The integration of greenery, light, water and all sorts of natural elements in interiors positively affects people’s perception of space and the time spent on it.

Biophilic design is the way to improve the quality of life reconnecting humans with nature.

The concept also applies to architecture and exterior facades, improving the urban landscape from a steel and cement scenario to a greener one, where artifacts seamlessly fuse with natural elements, benefitting our mind, body, and soul.

Marble studies

• Use of found objects, fragments of marble

• Way of navigating the world around me, taking references in existing architecture and structural materials.

• Works influenced by a process of archiving and collecting, e.g. collecting fragments of marble, collecting them into colours, shapes and sizes

• The use of embedded marble references the historic process of marble terrazzo which was often used as flooring decoration, especially developed in 18th cent Venice but also examples of neolithic uses in burial sites.

• This idea of age and archiving links to my interest in referencing ancient artefacts

• Adds to ideal of memorial quality of work, acts as a physical artefact, seems out of time

• Questions ideas on authorship and authenticity, is the object found or has it been fabricated?

• Use of concrete also references brutalist and post modern architecture, specifically citing the use of sculptural reliefs that would exist on the outsides of buildings, having a connection to the outside, public facing world


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