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Major Project: Lucy Grubb collaboration

Lucy Grubb

Artist Statement

instability, material fragilities, and shifting impermanence's underpin ideas of wetness allowing for fragmented structures to become relationally (un)known – where drawings provocate conversations of material juxtaposition, print-making systems, and praxis through becoming gestures, transition, and oscillation the work suggests how we can generate non-linear thoughts with consideration to 1930s provisional architectures, and gestural stutters

Interesting things:

  • Finding with other artists - finding similarities and connection points

  • Considering my work in a site specific way

  • It was very beneficial having a space to test ideas and make work - exploring the placement of objects - connection between different pieces - how a narrative can be formed

  • It was also useful to work alongside another artist and engage with critical debates - looking at the work and receiving feedback

Arcadia Gallery

Utilise Lucy's 1 week residency to explore how our work could connect

Testing out work in space - relating the materials, textures, shapes of work to see where there are crossovers....


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