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Major Project: Poppy Jones-Little

‘striated space [redundancy]’, 2022.

Tile spacers.

‘confrontation of the wound', 2021.

Back of photo frame, fabric from deconstructed chair, staples and wood. 42 x 19 x 61 cm.

’thingness of things’, 2022.

Disused drying rack & electrical tape.

89 x 62 x 81 cm.

'My work mainly utilises found objects or waste materials, with my treatment of material being innately sculptural. I am currently exploring how the research which fuels my making might become a more overt or transparent part of the work; I have started to re-appropriate and edit found texts. Moreover, photography is key to how I reflect upon my pieces and I have occasionally exhibited photographs of my lumps as the ‘work’.'

My ongoing research into ‘Lumphood’ is the crux of my practice.

‘Lumps’ are not the same as ‘things’ or ‘objects’, nor can they be assimilated with ‘hunks’, ‘shards’ or ‘blobs’. A lump occupies a space somewhere within latency or excess, within the outer limits of our recognition. Often understood as an indiscriminate piece of matter, I have come to realise that this term can act as a placeholder. A word that is uttered when the right word cannot be recalled; ‘lump’ creeps in without clear intention to denote a non-thing. The ‘lumpenpack’, ‘lumpig’ and ‘lumpen’ within the German language all allude to the refuge and scraps, that which is wretched or worthless. These thoughts are central to any work I produce as they influence my treatment of a material. Yet, even before I began to pay conscious attention to ‘lump’, my practice has always involved working intuitively and sculpturally with material.

Interesting things:

  • Play with materials

  • Minimal

  • Texture

  • Sculptural but 2D



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